Stowe and Nina visit

I first met this guy when I was 18 years old, some 35 years ago. It’s hard to articulate the pleasure of sharing a meal like this with Stowe and his wife Nina. The sheer sweep of time, all the changes, our life’s different paths, etc. And yet the essential good feelings remain. In moments like tonight, I find myself filled with appreciation for my heart’s compass. My only regret was that I didn’t get to meet their son Remy, who I’ve watched grow up in pictures all these years. Maybe next time… Continue reading “Stowe and Nina visit”

“Beautiful” – A day spent with momma

Took mom out for brunch in Seattle, just her and me. The skies were gray but not too wet so we walked from Portage Bay Cafe (too crowded) to a sports bar across the road. Then walked up to the grand Paramount Theater for an afternoon musical — Beautiful — about the life and songs of Carole King. Her songs made me smile and cry and feel the awe of life’s truth. A truly lovely afternoon together, just the two of us.¬† Continue reading ““Beautiful” – A day spent with momma”

Croquet Tournament 2015

Okay, Steven and I¬†flamed out in defeat during Round 1¬†but we¬†had a blast anyway (once they got the sprinklers turned off on the croquet field). Sarah and Jonathan were gracious hosts as ever. We drink a bit of champagne and enjoyed the lunch buffet before our stunning defeat at the hands of Keith and Andrew (Keith being a world champion croquet-er, so no surprise there!). Continue reading “Croquet Tournament 2015”

Mission Bowling

Steven invited me to join him, Devlin, and Danielle for some bowling and drinks at the 4-year-old “Mission Bowling” alley on 17th. I expected a kind of tongue in cheek hipster joint but it was, in fact, very casual and unironic. People were enjoying the full bar, having fun bowling and sitting on the couches being friendly to folks on nearby lanes. We ate outside on the patio afterwards — and it was damn good food for the price. I remember the old electronics and sheet metal warehouse that used to be in this space, but I have to admit the conversion to a bowling alley was really smart and well done.¬†The Mission District — ever-changing but always interesting. Continue reading “Mission Bowling”

Daniel and Rafa’s Dyke March Party

Very lively scene two stories above 18th Street, with fantastic view of the crowds headed into the march at Dolores Park. Extra festive from the Supreme Court victory in gay marriage on the day before (Castro photo from that celebration). Daniel’s sweet dogs, Micky and Moko, hid in the back bedroom but deaf old Jax stayed out in the snack zone the whole time.¬† Continue reading “Daniel and Rafa’s Dyke March Party”