BZ reunions 2014

Me and Dave met for coffee in downtown SF this past weekend. There’s a photo above, though it doesn’t even begin to express the spirit of that reunion. Dave and I talked only for about an hour and a half but it could have gone on much longer, no problem. It’s always amazing to discover the ease of reconnecting with BZers, even after long gaps. Dave and I did the usual “catching up” of course, but also ranged freely over other topics (like finding balance in our expectations in what life and love offer in the real world of adult life). And though in only 90 minutes we can’t say that much… I felt there was a keen undercurrent of understanding, even for what wasn’t said. It’s great to look at an old pal — different as our life-paths have been — and still feel a kind of kinship. Like, we could and would be friends if we lived closer and had the opportunity. Like, there’s a genuine curiosity about what this other person’s life is about. And maybe some of that is because we are different, and there’s something interesting and engaging about that when mixed with a sense of respect for each other’s differences and a sense of a long-ago shared history. I had a reunion with Tamar and her man Jason the other weekend, too, and it was much the same. We talk, but underneath the talking is this kind of smiling sense of appreciation about the other person. And some joy in seeing how far we’ve come, how we’ve changed, and how we’re still the same lovely souls from 30 years ago, inside, too. And for me, this also comes with a sense of appreciation for what Berzelius added to my already-rich experience in college.

Dave and Tamar, it was great to see you. Thanks for reaching out and reconnecting, too-brief as it always is in this life that rushes past (at a seemingly increasing pace!). I hope it’s not too long before we see each other again. And I hope any of you 1986ers, whose travels might put you near another fellow BZer, will take that opportunity to meet up and catch up.

I know this will bring a smile to every one of you. Much love,


Jay, Jessica, and Dave - 2014