Halloween on Walter Street 2001

A combined deck-warming party and pre-Castro Halloween cocktail event. A bevy of bejewelled and berobed burghers descended on my abode. I explicitly said, “no costume necessary” — and look what happened. Darry as Darzon continues his ‘green’ tradition. I broke with my perennial “game piece” theme in favor of Mr. Clean — my true Inner Spirit.  Oct 31.  2001 106-0615_img 106-0631_img 106-0632_img 106-0633_img 106-0634_img 106-0635_img 106-0636_img 106-0637_img 106-0638_img 106-0639_img 106-0640_img 106-0641_img 106-0642_img 106-0643_img 106-0644_img 106-0646_img 106-0649_img 106-0654_img 106-0655_img 106-0658_img 106-0659_img 106-0660_img 106-0661_img 106-0664_img 106-0665_img 106-0666_img 106-0667_img 106-0668_img 106-0669_img 106-0670_img