Darryl’s dad’s memorial/wake

Lee and I went down together for Darryl’s father’s memorial party at his family’s home in Long Beach. Just a quick overnight trip because Lee was outbound to Colorado two days after the wake. Fun to check out LBC a tiny bit — though the Airbnb on 7th Street was kind of lame. Neither of us got much sleep. But the mood at the party was festive and loving so that was all the energy we needed. I got to catch up with many folks I hadn’t seen in a long time, including Karen Dunn, D’s indefatigable mom. Even managed to get Lee to walk around exploring the Alamitos neighborhood where Darryl grew up — peppered with all kinds of amazing craftsman style bungalows.

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Disneyworld and Kennedy Space Center

Orlando, what a strange place. We did three days at the Disney parks and one at Cape Canaveral. Shuttling around in a rental car, because Orlando doesn’t do transit in any meaningful sense of the term. The highlight for me was the Fantasia minigolf course near one of the resorts. Probably the best putt-putt I’ve ever seen. The fading light of a warm Florida evening, beautifully rendered sculptures, and some amazing tricky shots and water features… just the best. The Space Center was moving in ways (maybe not surprising but still, I was caught off guard by the drama of the old shuttle Atlantis, and all the lost lives in the program’s disasters). I may never go back to northern Florida again but it was good to see it all. Continue reading “Disneyworld and Kennedy Space Center”

Xmas in Seattle, 2017

This year was the first year I managed to catch the Anderson Xmas party — hosted at mom & dad’s place in View Ridge this year (convenient!). Got to see so many cousins that I hadn’t seen since they were little (and a whole new batch of young ones too). Only downer was my niece Anne and sis Neha weren’t there for the festivities. Mom, as usual, did all the heavy lifting to bring off the success of the party — though Jane and I did bake some cookies too. I also managed to have a lovely breakfast at Stowe & Nina’s (where I got to meet his kids, who’re so grown up at this point) along with Brian. And also had an evening at Emily and Joshua’s complete with Hannukah candle lighting with the kiddos. Full weekend. Continue reading “Xmas in Seattle, 2017”

Las Vegas for Patrick’s birthday

Everyone wants to see “Vegas” if they’ve never been there. And I must admit, it’s much changed since I was last here about 15 years ago. More pedestrian stuff, more promenading, more food everywhere. Definitely an improvement. I still don’t need more than one visit per decade though. We rented a car and looked at housing but it was too much sprawl for me.

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Stowe and Nina visit

I first met this guy when I was 18 years old, some 35 years ago. It’s hard to articulate the pleasure of sharing a meal like this with Stowe and his wife Nina. The sheer sweep of time, all the changes, our life’s different paths, etc. And yet the essential good feelings remain. In moments like tonight, I find myself filled with appreciation for my heart’s compass. My only regret was that I didn’t get to meet their son Remy, who I’ve watched grow up in pictures all these years. Maybe next time… Continue reading “Stowe and Nina visit”

“Beautiful” – A day spent with momma

Took mom out for brunch in Seattle, just her and me. The skies were gray but not too wet so we walked from Portage Bay Cafe (too crowded) to a sports bar across the road. Then walked up to the grand Paramount Theater for an afternoon musical — Beautiful — about the life and songs of Carole King. Her songs made me smile and cry and feel the awe of life’s truth. A truly lovely afternoon together, just the two of us.  Continue reading ““Beautiful” – A day spent with momma”