Stinson Beach Birthday

Ahh, the weekend getaway birthday. We rented La Casa Roja, right on the ocean at Stinson Beach. Revelers included Lee (March 7), John (March 6), and myself (March 1). Jax was in dog-heaven with lots of beach walks up to the Bolinas Lagoon. Lee packed all these old school games, like the 1950s masterpiece “Park-and-Shop!” Check out them closeup. And did I mention the full set of 1957 “Better Homes & Gardens” that Lee packed. For a craft project that didn’t quite happen (but spawned no end of delighted conversation). Of course. we practically starved with only a full chocolate cake, cornbread souffles, a Nespresso machine, 36 mini muffins, a 14 gallon bag of corn chips, chicken casserole, 4 pounds of chicken, 2 salmon fillets, 6 chicken apple sausages, 18 eggs, a 2 lbs. box of chocolate, bags of nuts, popcorn, a loaf of homemade bread, roasted peppers, veggie antipasto, a pint of cream, a half gallon of almond milk, and more that I can’t even remember…

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  1. nice pics… Sorry I couldn’t join you in the park N Shop game. The graphics were amazing.

    Just to clarify: There were TWO pints of ice cream! But for some inexplicable reason, we never got to eat it all. 🙁 What were we thinking?

    There was also a big bowl of chocolate frosting that hung out in the kitchen throughout the weekend, convenient for when you need that extra spoonful of frosting energy. Some of it even found its way onto the cupcakes Matt made! Some of it was mixed with the aforementioned ice cream by someone who shall remain nameless.

    We also had pink lemonade, which mixed nicely w the Vodka.


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