Tea time

Momma and DaddyKens swing by for some iced tea and lunch after the wedding of Joe Ursini, Jr. in Alameda. After some salads and family gossip, we were joined by Darryl, Matthew, and Lee for cucumber sandwiches, mint tea, and some amazing Cornflake-crusted Lemon Cream Cheese cookies made by Lee. The weather was lovely for a change, given the usual SF summer fog. We all sat out on the deck and chatted. First time meeting my parents by Mr. Sachs, but everyone seemed to get along just dandy. After my folks headed to the airport to fly home to Seattle, the boys and I ordered some Star India delivery and watched “Jane Eyre” (2011) and an episode of MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” Lee was watching his Japanese woodblock auctions on eBay that day, and I was too. My Olympus camera sold for $455 that afternoon. Pretty glad about that, since I’m wanting the newer model that goes on sale in 2 months.