Did a double whammy T-day this year. First drove out to Copperopolis to spend a couple days with Grandma and Mel, my uncle Steve, and brother Luke down from Seattle. Did some cooking, card games, dog walking, and showing stuff to Gran using AppleTV and AirPlay. Pretty fun time and even a turkey. Then an (exhausting) night drive back to SF in my City Carshare on Weds night. Got up early and started some kitchen prep for my own little dinner party with Troy and Matt. The sun broke out just as I started grilling the chicken, so we had wine on my deck while we cooked up the bird. Pretty all around sweet week.

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  1. dear patrick,
    really good to get your t-day greetings – sounds like yours was similar to ours – we had the the big dinner on the farm w/ our friends the bloomfields – but jordie n’ jude n’ shelly couldn’t make it – so we had `t-day 2′ the next day at our place – needless to say, there was lots of food – i loved seein’ the fotos of your grama ev, steve n’ the gang – looked like a pretty relaxed scene – we’re still eating the tofu pot pie for breakfast lunch n’ dinner – jordie jude n’ tony all left w/out taking their requisite `doggie bags’ – speaking of which – all the dogs looked well topped off in the fotos…they appreciate the feast as much as any1 …well gotta get back to planting the last of my pansies….till soon…all the best….love, will

  2. Oh, yeah, those dogs are no lightweights. Glad you got to double dip on the holiday too. Good luck on the pansy-planting!

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