Dickens Fair

Myself as a dandy with pipe, Dec 2009

What a surprise: to enjoy dressing up and pretending the Cow Palace was 1800s London. All silly good fun. We all promised to do it again down the road (though we still haven’t). Anthony went as a downtrodden fop. I’m a snoot with a pipe. John, a poor Dickensian lad. And Matt a dandy. Thank god we live in the era of the iPhone and all this is just pretend. Continue reading “Dickens Fair”

Star Trek exhibit in San Jose

Antone and I geek out by going to the Star Trek Exhibit at the San Jose Tech Museum. Was so interesting to see the actual costumes and phasers. They’re so much more polished looking when you see them on TV. Made me realize that old shows were just so homemade, in the era before CGI. The scale of the sets (like the Bridge) were smaller than I thought they’d be, too. Really fun, especially with Antone geeking out as much, or more, than me.  Continue reading “Star Trek exhibit in San Jose”