Dickens Xmas Fair and Drawing on History opening

Lots of stuff this weekend, including Darryl’s birthday cocktail party — which I failed to get any photos during. Still, got some fun shots of me, Liza, John, and Stacy at “The Great Dickens Christmas Fair”. The Cow Palace was dusted with sawdust, the chimney sweeps were out in force, and loads of summer stock actors were practicing their Cockney accents. The fair was remarkably the same (identical, really) to the one I attended in 2009. More crowded than last time, but maybe that’s truer to Dickensian London. Paulette showed off her newest works at Jimmie Gallery, too. Got to meet a bunch of her friends whom I’d never met before. The art was all fitted onto “film holders”, so it was a bit small to photograph but you get the picture. Neat stuff and I bought No. 11 (white) — “Fukushima”. Kudos, PT! Continue reading “Dickens Xmas Fair and Drawing on History opening”


Did a double whammy T-day this year. First drove out to Copperopolis to spend a couple days with Grandma and Mel, my uncle Steve, and brother Luke down from Seattle. Did some cooking, card games, dog walking, and showing stuff to Gran using AppleTV and AirPlay. Pretty fun time and even a turkey. Then an (exhausting) night drive back to SF in my City Carshare on Weds night. Got up early and started some kitchen prep for my own little dinner party with Troy and Matt. The sun broke out just as I started grilling the chicken, so we had wine on my deck while we cooked up the bird. Pretty all around sweet week. Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

Kona Reef

Darryl, Matthew, and I took a small ocean front condo in Kona for six days. Days of slow paces and soft breezes. Somewhat reluctantly, I was pulled to beach excursions, snorkel boats, and visiting relatives. And this trip had some of the least reading of any I could remember: only one book finished (Patrick Fermor’s “Between the Woods and the Waters”). Because the Kona Reef condos have such a lovely pool and hot tub, we spend a lot of time there. It felt healing, even if Darryl and I got into several heated arguments during our stay. Continue reading “Kona Reef”

Solo trip to Copper

Went up with the fixins’ for potato soup, a recipe that I got from Grandma Evelyn about 5 years ago. Thought I’d borrow her fabulous slow cooker (a true 1970s Crock Pot) and try my hand at it. Turned out deliciously — but with a can of evaporated milk in it, how could it not. We were all in good spirits to match the weather. Gave Jax his first garden hose shower in the sun. He almost liked it. Continue reading “Solo trip to Copper”

Darryl’s brunch

The irony of Darryl’s brunch/party on the day of the Castro Street Fair: few, if any, of the guests had any interest in going to the street fair. We’ve all been there, done that. But the brunch was nice. Despite D’s request to “bring nothing”, most of the guests arrived with food in hand. And true to form: we gobbled it right up.  Continue reading “Darryl’s brunch”

Open letter to Scott Weiner about District 8 pedestrian safety

Police markings where William Cox died, September 7, 2011

These deaths strike close to home because I, like a lot of Castro residents, have had drivers come to a stop within inches of my knees at this intersection, as well as 15th/Noe, Noe/Market, and Duboce/Steiner. Just about everyone has had close calls with cars at local crossings.

I’d like to put forward some suggested action items that you might take up in your role as supervisor.

Continue reading “Open letter to Scott Weiner about District 8 pedestrian safety”

Exploring Portland

Matthew, Darryl, and I met up in Portland for our first ever experience of this city. Matt was there for the Sisters’ “worldwide conclave” but Darryl and I just came along for the ride. Cleaner, whiter, younger, and roomier than San Francisco, Portland made me think a lot about the ways things can be ‘done right’ in urban contexts. And maybe it made me think a little too much about what’s ‘done wrong’ in San Francisco. Continue reading “Exploring Portland”

Tea time

Darryl and Momma

Momma and DaddyKens swing by for some iced tea and lunch after the wedding of Joe Ursini, Jr. in Alameda. After some salads and family gossip, we were joined by Darryl, Matthew, and Lee for cucumber sandwiches, mint tea, and some amazing Cornflake-crusted Lemon Cream Cheese cookies made by Lee. Continue reading “Tea time”

4th of July

Matthew Sachs, shining star

Just a small gathering of good buddies for some burgers and sparklers. Jon also brought a fancy salad: watermelon, stilton cheese, tomatoes, and parsley. The sun was blazing and we ate on the deck, trying to actually steer clear of the heat for a change. The city exploded at night with the booms and cracks of a thousand pyromaniacs. We lit some sparklers, which for me had the effect of taking my mind away from the point of the Fourth. The freedom and independence which the holiday celebrates seems masked by all the fireworks. Or maybe it conjures up the warfare involved to secure that liberty?

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Sr. T’aint on Pride Sunday

A morning goddess

Matt, aka Sister T’aint A. Virgin, gets dolled up before his role as a Pride float judge. I escorted my glorious beauty down to the parade area, but me and Jax were daunted by all the crowds. Even at 9:45 am, it was filling up. The sun was shining on this bright Sunday morning. I was happy for all the folks who wanted to celebrate, especially after the victory for gay marriage in NY. But for me, walking the dog in the sunshine was what made me happy.

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Pink Saturday

Sister T’aint and her order-mother, Sr. Sharin’ Dippity, out there marshaling the Pink Saturday gates. So much work for my dear little Matthew, but he’s a committed trouper for all things “sisterly.” I swung by Darryl’s house party with Troy, which was very nice. Just cocktails and interesting chats with diverse folks gathered around the kitchen. The mood was definitely festive. Continue reading “Pink Saturday”