Xmas in Seattle, 2017

This year was the first year I managed to catch the Anderson Xmas party — hosted at mom & dad’s place in View Ridge this year (convenient!). Got to see so many cousins that I hadn’t seen since they were little (and a whole new batch of young ones too). Only downer was my niece Anne and sis Neha weren’t there for the festivities. Mom, as usual, did all the heavy lifting to bring off the success of the party — though Jane and I did bake some cookies too. I also managed to have a lovely breakfast at Stowe & Nina’s (where I got to meet his kids, who’re so grown up at this point) along with Brian. And also had an evening at Emily and Joshua’s complete with Hannukah candle lighting with the kiddos. Full weekend. Continue reading “Xmas in Seattle, 2017”

Las Vegas for Patrick’s birthday

Everyone wants to see “Vegas” if they’ve never been there. And I must admit, it’s much changed since I was last here about 15 years ago. More pedestrian stuff, more promenading, more food everywhere. Definitely an improvement. I still don’t need more than one visit per decade though. We rented a car and looked at housing but it was too much sprawl for me.

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Stowe and Nina visit

I first met this guy when I was 18 years old, some 35 years ago. It’s hard to articulate the pleasure of sharing a meal like this with Stowe and his wife Nina. The sheer sweep of time, all the changes, our life’s different paths, etc. And yet the essential good feelings remain. In moments like tonight, I find myself filled with appreciation for my heart’s compass. My only regret was that I didn’t get to meet their son Remy, who I’ve watched grow up in pictures all these years. Maybe next time… Continue reading “Stowe and Nina visit”